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2016 Bagger Collection

Lovers of Italian fashion, inspired by the great stylists we were able to realize and create a new collection featuring a unique and exclusive design called "Diamond". With this collection we want to offer our customers a product that gives a new BAGGER concept, inspired by Italian tailoring to not go unnoticed. Assembled and checked by hand one by one to ensure a high quality product worthy of the best Made in Italy.


2016 Collection

From the incredible passion for HARLEY DAVIDSON, takes shape my every single "iron". From a deep and meticulous study of materials, shapes and color, arise my accessories. I love to see them shine, I love to touch them and I always hope that all the love that I put into their design and construction is transmitted to you, my friends, who share with me a passion for the wind in your hair and that, at least when you’re on your motorbike.


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